Picture Book

Text: Catalina González

A Buen Paso  Barcelona 2017


Teo Manyfingers has as many fingers as you and I do, but he moves them in such a skilfull way that he creates wonders.  All the trees and bushes in his garden have the most astonishing shape, and they are beautiful and they look natural. Teo is a patient man, and knows how to listen to the voice of nature. Life flows quietly until the day that the rich knight Golden Damian arrives at Teo’s farm. He is the most powerful man, and he is used to ordering people around. He decides that the humble gardener has to work for him, thus transforming his gardens into the most beautiful of the whole country. And he won’t hesitate in betraying Teo’s trust, imprisoning him. However, Golden Damian who can’t think but about fame and glory forgets the most important detail: the power of persistence, and the love for a properly done work. A tale that can be read like an ancient story, one of those tales that talk about the eternal essence of life.